Common Travel Phrases

Sri Lanka is one of the best travel paradises for anyone to
enjoy his or her travel when it comes to fun and leisure. The unique blend of
lushes beaches, climatic conditions, central hills with waterfalls and rivers
and tea estates, wildlife and many other attractions to enjoy would be the best
among the Sri Lankan people’s hospitality for your next travel. No doubt Sri
Lanka is now one of the best travel destination. But, before you plan your next
trip to this country, check out this list of 8 common phrases you need to know
about before traveling to Sri Lanka about Sri Lanka.
1. Hello- Aayu-bo-wan “Ayubowan”
There is no simpler word to know in this country than a
simple Hello. It can get someone’s attention or just be a way of greeting a
hotel concierge or shop owner. Knowing this simple phrase can be a great way of
introducing yourself
2. Thank you very much Bo-hoh-mah Iss-too-tee “Bohoma Istuti”
The next common phrase to show respect and manners is “Thank
you very much.” It can be a great way to end a conversation that will allow for
further conversations with locals. It’s always nice to thank people in their
home language.
3. The proper way of getting what you want for is adding a
please at the end. You might need to add it just to be nice or to get help when
asking for anything. This can be the best phrase to learn for respect and
4. I do not understand- Mata Terenne Na “Mata Terinneh Neh”
You might need to use this for the someone to speak more clearly,
slow down or saying that you do not understand what they are saying.
5. Do you speak English- Oyate Ingrisi Ka-tha Karanna
Pulu-wanda “Oyate Ingrisi Katha Karanna Puluwanda”
If you’re visiting this country, it can be easier for you to
find someone who speaks English, but it is not good to assume. Be always polite
and ask if they can speak English. If he/she does not, it’ll be easier to point
you someone who does, if you first ask them this.
6. Hotel-“Hotela”
When you are in a new place, sometimes it can be easy to go
around and lose your direction. Particularly if the signs are confusing or you
have gone far from the city center. If you can say “hotela,” someone can
recognize that you’re lost and direct you to where you’re staying.
7. Food-“Kaama”
Knowing the word food may hint to other people what you’re
looking for, even if you cannot make a complete sentence in Sri Lankan
language. This can allow local people to point you directly to a hotel or
8. Bank-“Bank Eka”
If you see this
phrase on a building, then you will know that this is the place where you can
get cash for more of your escapades.
9. Restaurant-“Apana Sala”- Whether you’re looking for
asking for directions or for a bite this phrase can really come in handy.
Sri Lanka is blessed with all the ruins of religious relics and
ancient culture, sandy beaches and impressive coral reefs and lots of local
legends. If you’re traveling to Sri Lanka, you in the right track of traveling,
since Sri Lanka is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. However, learn
these most common phrases to best enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka.


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