Language Spoken in Sri Lanka

Tamil is that the Dravidian language
with the foremost ancient literary tradition in India, dating from the very
first centuries of the Common Era or before. It was one in every of the
earliest languages learned by Europeans and is that the initial Indian language
to look in (western-style moveable-type) print (for example, the Vocabulario
Tamulico com a Significacam Portugueza [D255] of da Proenca of 1679.). As a
result of its ancient literature and its unfold each in ancient and up to date
times into Sri Lanka and southeast Asia, Tamil is very important as a
historical language within the space between the Indian Ocean and therefore the
South China ocean, and is studied by non-Tamils to the degree that’s out of
proportion to the dimensions of its population of speakers.

The non-Tamil who learns an Indian language apart from Sanskrit or Hindi is
straight away alert to the matter of lack of adequate materials for learning
the language, and particularly the shortage of tight reference works.
Dictionaries whose purpose of departure is that the vernacular language (e.g.
Tamil to English, Bengali to French) are sometimes a lot of helpful to a
westerner than are English-to-vernacular dictionaries, and this can be the case
for Tamil. Wonderful Tamil-English dictionaries of all types are obtainable,
and in print, however, English-Tamil dictionaries tend to be of use solely to
Tamils, since they list obscure English words of all types, however, offer very
little info concerning the acceptable contextual usage of their Tamil
The reason
for this state of affairs is often traced to the history of lexicography in
India, and specifically to the event of a lexicographic tradition, starting
with da Proenca’s Tamil-Portuguese dictionary, which came from a strictly
colonial purpose of reading. This was a one-way dictionary, specifically
designed for the utilization of Portuguese speakers wishing to grasp some Tamil,
however not meant for Tamils wishing to grasp Portuguese. At no purpose did it
appear to occur to anyone that the requirements of Europeans and Indians to be
told every other’s languages were mutual and will get pleasure from being
combined within the same volume.

Speakers of
‘vernacular’ languages so developed their own dictionaries, and therefore the 2
traditions never meshed.After da Proenca’s initial effort at creating the Tamil
language a lot of accessible to non-Tamils, alternative European missionaries
followed suit.Predictably, they followed da Proenca in being dictionaries of a
one-way nature, i.e. Tamil-European language solely.In 1779 Johann Philipp
Fabricius revealed his Tamil Malabar and English Dictionary, whereby the words
and phrases of the Tamilian language, commonly known as by Europeans the
Malabar Language, are explained in English. [D225] Numbers in sq. Brackets
check with things in Dhamodharan’s bibliography of Tamil dictionaries, given
within the bibliography.

dictionary fashioned the premise for many subsequent editions, most recently in
1972, and remains in print beneath the title A Dictionary, Tamil and English
[D221], revealed by the Tranquebar Mission Press. It remains the most effective
one-volume Tamil-English dictionary obtainable nowadays, though it doesn’t
continually mirror trendy usage, particularly not the spoken language.


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